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Welcome to our February newsletter!

This month sees the release of the first part of our MOURNBLADE anthology celebrating the glory days of NWOBHM.  There are two more albums in our TOMMY JAMES series (on one CD) and a solo album from one-time UFO keyboard player and songwriter, later with HEAVY METAL KIDS, DANNY PEYRONEL, first released in 2002.

Looking ahead to March, 'War Horses' is the title of our 19-track compilation featuring some of the rock highlights from our 14 year history.   A real "War Horse", BOBBY HARRISON, is featured in a 2-CD career overview anthology including his work with Freedom and Snafu. whilst we are proud to release a new album from legendary songwriter ANDY KIM ('Sugar Sugar').

And in April, we bring together some of MO FOSTER's TV and film production music, there's an expanded version of TOMMY JAMES' 'A Night In Big City' and ROBIN GEORGE has assembled a stellar musical cast for his charity project 'LovePower'.

Andy Kim

From legendary singer-songwriter Andy Kim, a perfect radio friendly single ahead of the release of his new studio album in March - 'Happen Again'.

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January 2011 - PROGRESSIVE ROCK compilation, TOMMY JAMES (2 on 1), FOGHAT

February 2011 - MOURNBLADE, TOMMY JAMES (2 on 1), DANNY PEYRONEL, ANDY KIM (CD single)

March 2011 - BOBBY HARRISON (2-CD), ROCK compilation, ANDY KIM


Released in February 2011

[Release date 07.2.11]


MOURNBLADE Anthology - Vol 1 (SJPCD325)

This is the early 80's in the UK and Punk is dead and NWOBHM lumbers on and out of that dead sea rose MOURNBLADE who were hailed by Derek Oliver of Kerrang as "The Future of Heavy Metal!" After a chaotic start the band gigged the London club circuit to death, and later the regions throughout 1984 and 1985 alone clocking up no less than 400 shows including regular headlining slots at London's MARQUEE, 100 CLUB and DINGWALLS.

This Anthology is the first part of the band's history from 1984 /85 offering classic tracks and rarities which is a great introduction to this much missed band and their music.


Tommy James

TOMMY JAMES In Touch/Midnight Rider (SJPCD353) 2 on 1

TOMMY JAMES having sold in excess of 100 million records since he burst onto the scene with his worldwide smash 'Hank Panky' back in 1966 released the critically acclaimed album 'In Touch' in 1976. This is paired with his much sought after album 'Midnight Rider' from 1977.Both albums were recorded in California.

Currently working on a Broadway Show for autumn 2011 and a major film for 2012 based upon his critically acclaimed book 'Me, The Mob and the Music' To date no less than 300 hundred artists have covered Tommy’s songs, among them PRINCE, REM, BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN, DOLLY PARTON, BILLY IDOL, CHER and JOAN JETT.

Over the years outside of Tommy James & the Shondells Tommy has achieved no less than 13 solo chart singles and platinum albums in the USA.


Danny Peyronel

DANNY PEYRONEL Make The Monkey Dance (SJPCD356)

DANIEL AUGUSTO PEYRONEL arrived in London in 1973 from New York and joined The HEAVY METAL KIDS. Hemet PETE WAY in 1975 and joined UFO creating the classic 'No Heavy Petting' album and writing both of the bands singles 'Highway Lady' and 'Can You Roll Her'.

Danny then left UFO to form TARZAN whom played in Europe and Americas for 5 years until 1990. He co wrote in 1985 'Fear' for SADE for her multi platinum selling album 'Promise'. He then worked on 'Profiles' the collaboration between NICK MASON (Pink Floyd) and RICK FENN (10cc) writing the songs 'Israel' and 'Lie For a Lie'.

Since 1990 he has written for BON JOVI, CHER, and AEROSMITH to name a few. When in 2005 The Heavy Metal Kids reformed for the album 'Hit The Right Button' Danny was the driving force, providing lead vocals and co writing the bulk of the material.

'Make The Monkey Dance' is Danny's only solo album to date from 2002 released only in Germany. Now remastered with bonus track-press play and enjoy another chapter in the incredibly cool and successful career of Danny Peyronel.


ANDY KIM I Forgot To Mention (RAJP909)

Andy Kim

ANDY KIM is well known for his prodigious song writing skills and successful recording career. At the tender age of 17 he penned 'Sugar Sugar' with Jeff Barry, a song that became a worldwide number 1 smash for The Archie's. He also released the self penned 'Rock Me Gently' which was a UK number 2 in 1974.

Over the years Andy hits have sold in excess of 30 million copies to date.

Poised to continue that streak is his first new album for 20 years 'Happen Again' which has 9 compelling Andy Kim songs as well as one co-written with BARENAKED LADIES front man Ed Robertson: 'I Forget To Mention'


Released in March 2011

[Release date 07.03.11]

Bobby Harrison


BOBBY HARRISON first taste of pop fame was as a member of GOLDEN APPLES OF THE SUN who released a single on the now infamous Immediate label in 1965. However it was a drummer with legendary band PROCUL HARUM that Bobby achieved worldwide fame with the hits 'Whiter Shade Of Pale' and 'Homburg'.

A change of management for Procol Harum left Bobby feeling deeply uncomfortable with the new team and after a financial deal was brokered Bobby left with the old Manager and formed FREEDOM who recorded between 1968 and 1972 five critically acclaimed albums with Bobby on lead vocals.

Following the demise of Freedom Bobby recorded a solo album 'Funkist' which scored on the USA Billboard Chart. Early 1973 Bobby looked to form a band again and teamed up with MICKY MOODY and they formed SNAFU who recorded three critically acclaimed albums before grinding to a halt.

Taking a new direction Bobby formed NOBODYS BUSINESS with JOE JAMMER and TONY STEVENS (Foghat) and was on the brink of success in Japan when the band's manager was tragically killed in a car crash which was the catalyst for the band calling it a day.

Bobby’s next adventure was fronting an all black band called NIAGRARA which led to a session being recorded forTOMMY VANCE. This then led to Bobby going to Iceland where he recorded an Icelandic Top 20 album 'Solid Silver' with the guys from MEZZOFORTE playing on Bobby’s album

This Anthology draws tracks from 1968 to date from FREEDOM to SNAFU to solo album tracks to a newly recorded version of 'Whiter Shade Of Pale'.

Angel Air Rocks

VARIOUS War Horses (SJPCD362)

War Horse:
"Veteran: an experienced person who has been through many battles, struggles or fights"

'War Horses!' is a wholly appropriate title for this compilation. A cursory glance at the list of the contributors to this wonderful collection will reveal a host of names that have served in excess of thirty or forty years in the music business - some a full half century!

Angel Air pay’s homage to all of these great musicians and vocalists and in particular the lovely Maggie Bell, Del Bromham (Stray), the 'guys' in MTH and British Lions, Graham and Steve from Oliver Dawson Saxon, John McCoy, Robin George, Nick Simper (Fandango, Quatermass II and of course...Warhorse) and Bobby Harrison (Nobody's Business and Freedom) to name but a few. All have endured and survived the slings and arrows of an often cruel, relentless and gruelling industry.

In common with each other, all of these wonderful individuals have found a safe haven over past 14 years at Angel Air Records. Enjoy!

Andy Kim

ANDY KIM Happen Again (SJPCD363)

ANDY KIM is well known for his prodigious song writing skills and successful recording career. At the tender age of seventeen he penned 'Sugar Sugar' with renowned writer/producer Jeff Barry, a song that became a worldwide number #1 smash for The Archies. In the spring of 1974, Andy released the self-penned 'Rock Me Gently,' which topped the charts in the USA, the UK, and in Europe. These and other Andy Kim hits have sold thirty million copies to-date.

Poised to continue that hit streak is Happen Again, his first new album in 20 years, comprised of nine compelling Andy Kim songs, as well as one co-written with and produced by BARENAKED LADIES front man, Ed Robertson: 'I Forgot To Mention.'

In a world where surface often passes for substance, Andy opens up his heart and soul, and strikes a chord within all of us again and again on Happen Again.

This is the CD his many fans have been waiting for!


Hal Cragin (bass: Iggy Pop, They Might Be Giants) Gannin Arnold (guitar: Taylor Hawkins, Chris Chaney, Cheap Trick) Bob Medici (drums: Lou Reed, Roger Daltry) Jim Goodwin (keyboards: The Call, John Cale) Andy Kim (acoustic guitar)

Released in April 2011

[Release date 04.04.11]

Mo Foster

MO FOSTER Bass Themes (SJPCD349)

MO FOSTER is one of the most prolific session musicians within the music business in the UK. He has played on a staggering 350 albums and has rubbed shoulders with the good and the great. His style has embraced from jazz to rock to pop.

Back in 1988 he released his first solo album 'Bel Assis' and now releases his sixth solo album made up of production music he recorded between 1983 and 2009.


Tommy James

TOMMY JAMES A Night In Big City...Plus (SJPCD354)

TOMMY JAMES album 'A Night In Big City' was recorded in 1994 and reunited Tommy with arranger Jimmy 'Wiz' Wisner whom Tommy had teamed up with back in the 60’s on one of his smash hit singles 'I Think We’re Alone Now'.

The album was inspired by Tommy’s fascination as a boy growing up in a pre television age where the family radio was an enchanting source of national stories.

The 'Plus' bonus tracks on the album were all recorded 1974 to 1991.

The complete behind the scenes story of Tommy’s career can be found in his best selling autobiography Me, The Mob, and The Music published by Simon & Schuster/Scribner.


Robin George's LovePower


This album involves no less than 50 artists making a contribution to this charity album under the production of project mastermind ROBIN GEORGE.

As the title suggests this is Robin's Love Power and he has called on members of Uriah Heep, Trapeze, UFO, Mott The Hoople, Hanoi Rocks, Cry Baby's, King Crimson, Diamond Head, Asia, Quireboys to soul queen Jaki Graham to Ruby Turner to ViX to produce an album which is the desire of all artists participating to put something back by way of a charity album.

The Love Power project began with a conversation in the Andalucian mountain village in which Robin George now has his home. It started as a single, then grew to an EP and then as more artists recorded Robin's songs they started contacting fellow artists/musicians and has now grown to a full album. As Robin recently said "It's amazing a couple of weeks ago I recorded drummers Charlie Morgan in Nashville and Pete Thompson in Dallas where he was performing with Robin Trower. With 21st Century technology, geographical distance is no barrier".

Apart from the 50 musicians others who have freely dedicated their time and expertise include a choir of schoolchildren, an international women's choir, a male rock choir, as well as photographers, journalists, art studios and record companies.

Uniquely for a charity album the entire profits from this release are being donated to three charities- Macmillan, Haven House, and Compton Hospice.


Released in January 2011

[Release date 17.01.11]

Progressive Rock

VARIOUS Ventis Secundis Tene Cursum This Is Progressive Rock! (SJPCD348)

JAMES McCARRAHER author and reviewer has chosen from the extensive Angel Air catalogue a number of tracks which in his opinion encapsulates 'the style and the spirit of prog rock music - creative, innovative and free flowing'

The title of the album 'Ventis Secundis, Tene Cursum' means 'go with the flow' or more literally, 'The winds being favourable hold the course'.

In James' opinion his definition of Progressive rock is 'A style of rock music that evolved in the late 60's and early 70's as part of a British-led attempt to elevate music to new levels of artistic credibility by attempting to combine rock music with jazz, classical and other forms of music; made specifically for listening - not dancing!'

We could not have said it better-enjoy!

Tommy James and The Shondells

TOMMY JAMES Three Times In Love/Hi-Fi  (SJPCD350) 2 on 1

TOMMY JAMES has sold over the past four decades over 100 million records worldwide and is currently working on a Broadway Show for autumn 2011 and a major film for 2012 based upon his critically acclaimed book 'Me, The Mob and the Music'

In 1980 he released 'Three Times in Love' and the single of the same name made number 19 in USA charts. Coupled with this is the album 'Hi-Fi' which was released in 1990. Both albums on 1 CD highlight the talents of an artist who has had no less than 13 solo chart singles in the USA over the past three decades.

Since he burst onto the music scene in 1965 he has had 23 Gold singles and 9 Gold and Platinum albums.



FOGHAT Last Train Home (SJPCD355)

FOGHAT after 39 years have finally released a blues album-the wait is over and all critics who have already heard the album consider it to be an amazing blues album that was recorded very much live in the studio.

'Last Train Home' retains the hard edge which will please their fans, but their immersion in blues should gain them new ones as well. One critic even described the album as 'reminiscent of early SAVOY BROWN'  The masters at work.




NEW 28 page full colour CD and DVD Catalogue

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To celebrate Angel Air's 10th Anniversary a new book by James McCarraher was published in 2007.

Angel Air

The book details the development of the label, its philosophy, and lists all releases with reviews.

Further information:

'Angel Air is 10' is a welcome celebration of the label's first ten years and for any rocker of a certain age, and with an eye for trivia, makes essential reading. Where else could we read about Affinity, an early jazz rock stomping ground for the great Mo Foster, Warhorse (debut album on the Vertigo 'swirl' label) and what happened to Bobby Harrison of seventies funk rockers Snafu? Author James McCarraher has brought together the 200-plus label catalogue, prefacing each release with an essay culled mainly from the original liner notes.

David Randall,

...a celebration of the label rather than a detailed account of the every day ins and outs of a small independent record company...'Angel Air is 10' is as much a reference book as anything else.

More Black Than Purple (June 2007)


Angel Air DVD clips online

You can now view online actual clips of artists performing from the Angel Air DVD catalogue on Click onto Channels and select Angel Air Records


Don't forget you can read a selection of album reviews on the website from a wide range of music magazines...

CD Reviews

MAGNA CARTA Midnight Blue/Live & Let Live (SJPCD346)

...Magna Carta rose to fame during the early seventies with their melodic blend of folk and rock that sometimes diverted into pop, prog rock and country tangents, making their work always interesting...a reissue of a 1982 double release that pairs a studio album, recorded at 10cc's own Strawberry Studios, and a live album over two CDs. Both show the band's softer, acoustic side that often integrates a striking harmonic delivery.

Well produced in a multi-fold out gatefold digipack, the CD also arrives with a 20 page colour booklet that provides a brief history of the album plus background of the included tracks.  There's also plenty of pictures to spice it up. A welcome reissue of an album that had fallen off the radar since it was reissued by HTD in 1999 and Blueprint in 2001. (February 2011)

...the album underwent a little reshuffling with one original track excised and supplanted witrh two cuts from the same sessions, not to mention a smattering of new compositions - and a whole disc of concert recordings, for the most part from the two last decades. (January 2011)

...theirs is a catalogue of depth and distinction...somewhere between the dazzling sonic sheen of Midnight Blue and the cheering naturalism of Live And Let Live, the essence of Magna Carta's work is there for the taking.

Classic Rock magazine (January 2011)

...simple yet delightful songs (December 2010)

What stands out about Midnight Blue, in addition to the stellar sounding production job and of course the performances of the musicians themselves, is the staggering amount of depth found within these wide ranging compositions... (January 2011)

...transits the acoustic soft-rockers' English patchouli pastorality from the fields and vales of the Old Country to the plains and prairies of the New World in a clear bid to broaden the audience...this textbook exercise in music catalogue presentation should occupy a Sunday morning nicely.

R2 magazine (January 2011)

VARIOUS This Is Progressive Rock (SJPCD348) also demonstrates, first and foremost, the progressive width of the label's scope (January 2011)

A suitably pretentious title for an anthology exploring the delights of prog-rock, drawing on extracts from some of the vast array of CDs that have been released by Angel Air over the years

Kevin Bryan, various regional papers (January 2011)

TOMMY JAMES Three Times In Love/Hi Fi (SJPCD35)

...'Three Times In Love'...marries his classic '60s writing style to a new era's pop tendencies...Tommy keeps on burning still, and the "high fidelity" term can describe the man himself (January 2011)

BULLET The Entrance To Hell (SJPCD281)

...those tapes don't have the streamlined impact of 'Bulletproof', yet sound somehow fresher in their rawness... (January 2011)

The 17 songs...are significantly heavier than the Rooster connection probably suggests...

Classic Rock magazine (January 2011)

NOTORIOUS Radio Silence (SJPCD332)

Here, re-sequenced and expanded, the songs punch the bag from the title cut...'Radio Silence' still remains a product of its time, a nice one with it. (January 2011)

If you have enjoyed any of the other Robin George related releases from Angel Air Records over the last year or two it sort of goes without saying that Radio Silence is an automatic buy and well worth the money. (December 2010)

And what an album this is...By the time you get to the third track, 'Arianne', a commercial poprock monster of a wonder why the execs ever thought any of this needed fixing. (January 2011)

BRITISH LIONS Live At The Waldorf, San Francisco 1978 (SJPCD328)

The band crammed a great deal of musical activity into their relatively brief existence and this hitherto unreleased live CD captures them at something approaching their energised best...

Kevin Bryan, various regional papers (January 2011)


This collaboration with guitarist Robin George also boasted some fine work from saxist Mel Collins...

Kevin Bryan, various regional papers (January 2011)

...pretty damn good.  It's certainly not prog, but it's a great showcase for Byron's larger-than-life approach

Classic Rock magazine (January 2011)

ERIC BELL Lonely Nights In London (SJPCD316)

...a typically solid and unpretentious piece of work in a commercial blues vein...

Kevin Bryan, various regional papers (January 2011)

STRAY Valhalla (SJPCD336)

The finished product is well worth an hour or so of anyone's time...

Kevin Bryan, various regional papers (January 2011)

FOGHAT Not Live At The BBC (SJPCD355)

...the first out and out blues album that they've ever recorded...

Kevin Bryan, various regional papers (January 2011)

MEDICINE HEAD Radio Sessions 1971-1977 (SJPCD318)

The finished product offers their diehard devotees an opportunity to experience alternative versions of perennial crowd pleasers...

Kevin Bryan, various regional papers (January 2011)

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