Colosseum DVD

Colosseum DVD

Follow the angel...

DVD9 Region 0


Those About To Die - Skelington - Elegy - Tanglewood '63 - The Valentyne Suite (a) January's Search (b) February's Valentyne (c) The Grass is Always Greener - Rope Ladder To The Moon - Theme For An Imaginary Western - The Machine Demands Another Sacrifice - Solo Colonia - Lost Angeles -
Stormy Monday Blues - Walking In The Park

Extra Features

The Story of Colosseum - 90 minute documentary

In spite of Jon Hiseman's reluctance to reform Colosseum, in the early nineties the spate of band reissues generated new interest in the band. Whilst on tour in Germany, Hiseman was encouraged to rethink, and a debut reunion concert was arranged at the Freiburg Zelt-Musik-Festival in June 1994.

Original band members Chris Farlowe (vocals), Dick Heckstall-Smith (saxes), Clem Clempson (guitars), Dave Greenslade (keyboards) were joined by Mark Clarke (vocals)

This DVD features the entire second concert of that first reunion after some 23 years, and as a bonus there is a 90-minute "Story of" documentary.

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