Doc Thomas Group/The Silence

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Doc Thomas Group/The Silence

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I'll Be DoggoneShe Was Really Saying SomethingSteal Your Heart Away - My Babe
Please Do SomethingShake - I Got You - Harlem Shuffle  - Talking About My Baby
Just Can't Go To SleepBarefootin'  - Rescue Me

Leaving Here  - Shame,Shame,Shame  - See You Tomorrow  - You Can't Judge A Book By Looking At The Cover
Gunshot/Doctor Feelgood - I Think Of You/ Let It Rock  - I'm Not Talking  I'm Talking About You
The Fortune Teller  - Don't Start Me To Talkin  - Farmer John / Route 66  - We'll Silence You

Here on one CD is the beginnings and further progress of the band Mott The Hoople. These never before released recordings date from 1966, with Doc Thomas Group featuring Mick Ralphs and Peter Overend Watts, and 1990 featuring Overend and Dale (Buffin) Griffin.

This release features extensive sleeve notes compiled from interviews with the major players and tracing the progress of Watts and Griffin from school band beginnings in 1963, 1965's The Silence, through to Doc Thomas Group. It is a fascinating ride through the rock and roll backwater of Herefordshire in the sixties and the convoluted journey of some future rock heroes.

In 1990 the original members of The Silence (Overend Watts, Dale Griffin, Paul Jeffrey, Robert Fisher and Patrick Brooke) reassembled for a session at Rockfield Studios in Wales. According to Griffin: "the boys done good". Now for the 50th anniversary...

Doc Thomas Group

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