Honest John Plain - HJP And The Amigos

Honest John Plain - HJP and The Amigos

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1. Howitt Road 2. Rock’n’Roll Heart (Part 2) 3. SAP 4. Sweet Dreams 5. Billy 6. You Can Give It
7. Garden Gang 8. Funny Old Game 9. What Can I Do 10. Beautiful Lies 11. Something In The Air
12. Pick Me Up

HONEST JOHN PLAIN first came to the record buying public’s attention during 1977 when his band THE BOYS released their first ever single on the legendary NEMS label. Widely tipped to make it big The Boys had a set of killer songs written and sung by John. It was not to be but they managed to release four great albums before calling it a day in 1981.

During the 80’s John played in a number of bands including DIRTY STRANGERS (with KEITH RICHARDS and RON WOOD), MANNISH BOYS, BRAT BOY. In the early 90’s John formed with DARRELL BATH, The CRYBABYS and recorded the classics “Where Have All The Good Girls Gone” which in 1993 he included on the IAN HUNTER “Dirty Laundry” project which he also played and sang on.

Numerous groups have had hits over the years with his songs including the German group DIE TOTEN HOSEN “New Guitar In Town” and MICHELLE GUN ELEPHANT who had massive hits in Japan with two versions of John’s songs.

After 25 years in the business Plain’s musical career is looking extremely healthy with a new Crybabys album due for release during July 2003. In the meantime Angel Air offers John’s brand new album recorded during autumn 2002.

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