The RJ Wagsmith Band - Make Tea Not War

The RJ Wagsmith Band - Make Tea Not War

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1. The Papadum Song 2. Dogs 3. A Christmas Message 4. Do You Want To Dance? 5. Chalk Dust
6. Mustn’t Grumble 7. Macho Man 8. The Language Of Love 9. A Small Problem 10. Keep Fit With Kitter
11. Here Comes The Horn Man 12. Keep Them Guessing 13. I’m In Love With The Girls Next Door
14. I Wish I’d Stayed At Home 15. Terry Wogan

Bonus Tracks:

16. Keep Fit With Cupid 17. Keep Them Guessing 18. The Language Of Love 19. Dogs
20. Do You Want To Dance? (backing track)

The RJ Wagsmith Band is essentially bass legend/composer MO FOSTER and comedy actor/writer MIKE WALLING. Mo has played with practically everyone - PHIL COLLINS, JEFF BECK, GIL EVANS, VAN MORRISON, GERRY RAFFERTY, AFFINITY - the list goes on. Mike has appeared in loads of sitcoms, notably as Eric in “Brush Strokes”. He has also written for “The Brittas Empire”, “Birds Of A Feather”, “A Prince Among Men” and many more. Mike did most of the voices while Mo played most of the musical instruments and, with the help of guest musicians and actors, the Wagsmiths produced a string of novelty singles including “Chalk Dust” which they credited to The BRAT and was a memorable UK Top 20 Hit during 1982 with ROGER KITTER posing as The Brat.

Amongst the memorable TV performances was “The Papadum Song” which struck a chord with anyone (i.e. everyone) who had ever had a few drinks and gone out for an Indian meal. For a giggle Mo and Mike sang the song on BLUE PETER, though Mo had to hand back his badge when he inadvertently sang “f***” instead of “duck”

Finally TERRY WOGAN was momentarily silenced when actress Leni Harper serenaded him on his own BBC TV show with “Terry Wogan” The RJ Wagsmith Band -Anything for a laugh



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